I’ve Got Your Money nominated for the Golden Trellick Audience Award at the Portobello Film Festival 2012 but alas…

Well out of 600 films, I Got Your Money got into the top ten but alas it didn’t win…The competition was very impressive and I couldn’t fault the winner, ‘Earth calling Lily’. It was damn good. Here’s a trailer for it below..

It was a brilliant evening and I was honoured to be in contention. Oh well, maybe next year…

‘I’ve Got Your Money’ wows Portobello Film Festival audience!

Last night my latest short film was screened at the Portobello Film Festival 2012. The Pop Up Cinema venue was the location for the festival and what a location it was!

Heres a quote from the website:

“Portobello ‘Pop Up’ is a 30ft screen, nestled under the Westway. You will find us under the flyover, on the Portobello Road/Acklam Road junction.

Considered by some to be the spiritual home of The Clash, it is within spitting distance of Brett Anderson’s gaff and Jarvis Cocker has been spotted walking his dog just up the road. Blur have affectionately referred to the Ballardian site of our hand-built cinema space in their lyrics. In fact, it is popularly believed that the cinema site is built on sacred ground and radiates a powerful vortex of creative energy.

Constructed using recycled and reclaimed materials in the heart of Ladbroke Grove/Notting Hill, it is above all the colourful setting and local community that make our cinema such a unique and special place to experience film. A community Arts venture, we aim to offer a diverse and inspiring programme of films and events open to all, as well as providing an accessible platform for film-makers to screen their work. In September, we play host to the annual Portobello Film Festival.”

The place had a left wing hippyish vibe with murals on the wall which allude to the areas arty liberal renaissance in the sixties. It looked like those inner city communal spaces that you see in old photos.

“I’ve Got Your Money’ was warmly received even though the projectionist missed off the beginning! The film looked gorgeous on the 30ft screen and there where gasps from the audience at the shocking ending.

After our film finished they put on Julien Temple’s 3 hour masterpiece ‘Modern Babylon’ preceded by the Beat Poet Michael Horovitz, the composer J.C Carroll and an introduction by the director himself. I liked the beat poet most of all although he had to keep gesturing to get his mic turned up! Beat poetry is so cool.

Here’s a pic of the listings:

And here’s a link to Levantes Dance Theatre “I’ve Got Your Money’ music video for The Wood For The Trees:

Thank you for everyone who came along!

PS: If you are ever in the area please go the 3 Acklam road next to the flyover to see the murals themselves. There is a ceramic mural that really stands out. I’ll take a photo of it on my next post. Here’s a blog entry about it:


New Film added to Film Page: Dawn Rescue

A short film version of my brother Michael’s play ‘Eyes Full of Pornography’ that I helped him make…

“No, really Dan, if it wasn’t for you- I mean, there I was on the verge, on the cusp of entering this so-called ‘community,’ but you stopped me just in the nick of time. You, yes, it’s true, you rescued me.”

Two men recall how they first met 11 years ago in a gay bar in Soho, when Dan leant over and whispered in Matthew’s ear the chilling words which would change his life forever. A blackly comic look at how religion corrupts the innocent.

Please see what you think…

That Joke Isn’t Funny Any More – Fringe Theatre Poster

I’ve added another painting to the website today. What a slow news week(s)! It’s a creepy picture but it fits in with the tone of the play. I was going for a gypsy caravan feel. Its not the best painting but hopefully its interesting, for like, 5 minutes. Anyway here it is below. I’m still desperately thinking of a worthy post for next time.

The play was another one of my brother Michael’s productions. It went down well with the audience and broke even for the small theatre pub, which is a rarity. I seem to remember that he even got some money out of it!

That Joke Poster

That Joke Poster

New Storyboard added to storyboards page

Please take a look at some selected pages of a recent storyboard for my brother Michael’s  short film of which we jointly produced, directed and edited together. The film started off as a successful short stage play and the film version is doing the rounds on the short film festival circuit now.

As Michael says of it:

Two men relate how they first met in a gay bar 11 years ago, when Dan whispered in Matthew’s ear the chilling words which changed his life forever. A blackly comic look at how religion corrupts the innocent.

I hope to post the film here after it hopefully gets some festival slots. I can’t do it now as we’ve sent the film to Raindance Film Festival and they will only show it if they have it as a ‘premiere’. So it’s just a case of waiting until afterwards to post it here.

Dawn Rescue Storyboard  (It’s at the bottom..)